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individual’s action. he persistently practices tillthat day in the competition when he ahs to perform. Thus , the drive to surpass the worldrecord drove him to identify the target, it enabled him to make and sustain efforts to reachthat goal and he continued his endeavors in order to achieve that target.

The process of motivation starts when the consumer comes across an unfulfilled need thisneed if not satisfied will create a state of tension within the consumer. This state drivesthe consumer to adopt the behavior that will help relieve the tension. cognitive processes replica omega ) . consider theexample given above , where the athlete experiences the need to surpass the worldrecord; this need causes tension with in him. Hence, the athlete identifies a goal to beachieved to eliminate the tension and makes efforts to reach it. How he sets the gola anddirects his Cheap Omega Watches behavior to achieve it will depend on his experience and attitude

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