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CRM implementation in South East Asia

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Although my seven-year old boy wishes it were otherwise, a garden tractor is generally intended for larger gardens between 1-5 acres. When working with gardens of this size, a garden tractor make the tasks at hand manageable. As the popularity of gardening increases, so does the range of garden tractors available. Tractors generally have engines of between 10 to 20-horsepower, a hydraulic clutch, a 5-6 gallon fuel tank, the options of a power take-off (to harness the power off the tractor engine to drive a variety of machines), and optional 4-wheel drive. Garden tractors can be used with a variety of attachments ranging from an aerator to a plow and they cost between $1,000 to $10,000.

Here are some tips to consider on how to buy a garden tractor:

Size. My neighbor, who is relandscaping his garden, had a friend come over with his garden tractor to help. Though probably a high quality machine for the appropriate task, the tractor was overwhelmed by the steep slope and slippery gravel that required more horsepower than this particular tractor had. Remember you need enough horsepower not just to move the machine but to have some left over for accessories.

Attachments. These need to come on and off when you want them to. Have the sales representative walk you through the step by step process so that you can see firsthand how easily you oil extraction machine can get the attachments on and off. Can you change the tractor’s attachments quickly and easily? Will you be able to do so once outside of the showroom?

Safety Features. Some machines can detect when the driver gets off the seat and will automatically shut down. How important are safety features to you? Will there be children in the area where the tractor is being used? There are safety standards established by ASAE, SAE, and OSHA–does the tractor meet these standards?

Engine. Do you prefer gas, diesel or electric? There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these options. Hoye Tractor has a treatise on the reasons why diesel engines are superior to gasoline, chief among them that without spark plugs, rotors, points, distributor caps or a carburetor to gum up, diesel engines tend to store well and start right up. Of course, diesel engines are more expensive, heavier and more noisy, too. Key advantages to electric power are that it is emission-free and inexpensive to operate.

Drive Train. Attachments that need to be powered oil expeller by the tractor engine usually use either belt drives, shaft drives or power take-off shafts. Belt drives are a simple and less expensive system that has the advantage that the belt will slip and therefore protect the rest of the drive train if the attachment encounters an obstacle. Shaft drives are more costly but can handle higher loads. Ask if protective slippage under overload is available when purchasing a shaft drive. A power take-off shaft is an extension of the drive train that allows power to be transferred from the tractor to implements. PTOs can be located in the rear, belly (or middle), front, or side of the tractor. Industry standards regulate the speed of these shafts though some manufacturers have created their own proprietary standards.

Sturdiness. Is it rugged enough? Garden work is hard work and your tractor will take a pounding from dislodged stones and earth, not to mention the wear and tear on the engine. Check the size and durability of axles and linkages. Be sure to get enough of a machine to handle the job at hand.

Oil Change Guys History

How Scorecarding Tool Helps Oil Companies

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

One of the best ways to spend time with family and friends is to watch movie after movie. A movie marathon goes great with family bonding and is made better by munching mindlessly on a crunch treat – popcorn. The popcorn has been the staple partner of watching movies since people can remember. Whether it is its salty taste or the crunchy nature the popcorn is an all time favorite.

But do you know there is a delicious treat that is even better than popcorn. And that tasty treat that is better than popcorn is the white chocolate popcorn! It is a simple twist to an all time favorite, think of it as a variation to put more dimension to palm oil processing machine the popcorn. Here are some tips on how make white chocolate popcorn.

Credits rolling. Hold it! Do not just sit on your favorite movie marathon couch just yet. Have you noticed any popcorn stand in your room? None, right. So that means you have to make your own white chocolate popcorn. But do not worry this will be easy and nice when you are done. You will just need the following. Grab popcorn kernels, vegetable oil, heavy pan, salt, large bowl, microwavable bowl, white chocolate chips, and a baking pan. Just put a little effort and you will get a big treat out of it.

The cool is running. Yup, that is right! Chase away the cold from your pan by putting in two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Heat it up right. And by this time you should grease the surface of your baking pan.

Pop it up. Now, get your cup of popcorn kernels. Pour it in the pan. Quickly put the lid on. Shake the pan as the popcorn cooks.

Super popcorn bowl. When the popping of the popcorn has subsided, get your large bowl. Pour in the cooked popcorn into the bowl. Make sure that you do not drop any. Do not let any of these goodies go to waste. Salt to season. Bear in mind when tasting that later sweetness will be added to the taste range.

The white chocolate can’t jump. Only the popcorn will do the jumping in this simple recipe. For the white chocolate chips, put it in the microwave safe bowl. And heat it in the microwave oven for a minute. After a minute, if the white chocolate has not melted completely, you have to stir it up. Then cook for some thirty seconds more. Another way of melting the white chocolate chips is through the double boiler on your stove. To do this, pour water in a pan. Then get a pan that will fit the pan with water. Let the bigger pan simmer as you put the chocolate chips in the smaller sized pan. Put the small pan in the simmering water. Be careful. Do not let the water touch the oil extraction machine white chocolate.

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